First Post… So Welcome!

December 6, 2019| Lone

This being my first post I’d like to thank every one of you that end up dropping by to check out my content and especially those who help support me by purchasing any of my paid projects!

Map-making is still somewhat of a new hobby for me and many of my peers suggested I make a website to help support this hobby into something a bit bigger and possibly help grow the custom map-making community in the game of Rust by adding more unique pvp arenas/maps/prefabs. For anyone downloading my content and making a dope gamemode out of it PLEASE let me know! I’d love to come play on these maps as it gets very lonely just looking at them in an editor and by myself on my local server to test them.

I’d like to state that all my maps are merely just maps/prefabs. If you’d like to make a gamemode out of them then you’d need plugins corresponding with what you’d like to accomplish. Such as a free for all on Nuketown you’d need a handful of plugins such as some sort of Event Manager or private version, Zonemanager, and so on. That part is up to you as I can’t place spawn points and make game modes for everyone as that’d take up an unreasonable amount of time.

-Thank you all!

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