Lone Vendors + Update

January 29, 2020| Lone

Just recently I have decided to add the ability for map creators to host their products onto Lone.Design for their own solicitation separate from their other means of giving/selling. This addition is a very manually added feature and is still in early use. Nox is the first official Vendor on my site so anything he wants to host he can! So far he as the arena called Bog, which is a remake of a Call of Duty 4 map! There are benefits of hosting prefabs/maps on my site! Message me for more info! (Lone#1337)

There are a few requirements to make sure people upload visually pleasing work as well as functional. So no 4fps crazy prefabs. Only functioning ones!

Small Update: Lone Island (Custom Map)

  • Placed terrain triggers inside of the mountain monument tunnel system so players won’t die when entering
  • Fixed a prefab that only has a 1-way window. Nice one Facepunch 😉

If you find any bugs on any of my custom maps or prefabs please post them in my #bugs-glitches chat on discord or DM me directly and I will fix them asap!

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