Lone Island

Welcome to Lone Island, this map has been in the works for several months now including fully custom monuments that I have made. This will bring a nice change to any server to host especially if your players are getting bored of any existing monuments or terrain generation. I guarantee some cool PVP moments will happen on this map! More Info on some of the monuments below!

This purchase is a once-only charge. Once purchase you have lifetime access to use this product and is not a reoccurring charge.

Size: 4k Total Size (roughly 3500 worth of land since the ocean is a bit more utilized in my map!)


  • The Great Pyramid
  • Submarine (sunken and above water version)
  • Alexandria (Militarized modern-day city)
  • Crane Monument
  • Several Custom caves which do have keycard puzzles within them
  • Several Modified existing monuments for QOL improvements
  • and more