Prison Yard Prefab Pack

Prison Yard Prefab Pack

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Get moving, inmates! It’s yard time. This pack of pure penitentiary utilitarianism brings you steel-reinforced, tamper-proof gym equipment that’s sure to withstand even the toughest iron pumpers. Maximum security, minimum hassle!

What’s in the pack

– NBA regulation-sized basketball court with working hoops, good for slamming dunks and/or dunking slams
– Shiny Ping Pong table with marble surface finish, two paddles, and a ball
– Mountable exercise bike hooked to a battery as if to generate power, based on a real-life practice from a Brazilian correctional facility
– Mountable, detailed multi-gym device
– Mountable, high-capacity bleachers
– Mountable chess board table and chairs set for two
– Mountable benches and table set for 8
– Mountable press bench in 5 variations with different weights attached
– Detailed outdoor rubbish bin/ashtray combo with a lit cigarette emitting realistic smoke
– Pullup bars with handles for dipping
– Detailed bicycle with working lights
– Bicycle wheel as an extra, separate prefab for easy modifications and/or reverse engineering for your own vehicles
– Treadmill with an ironic message alluding to a racist 19th-century song as an allegory of modern slavery resulting from privatizing the penitentiary system and exploiting prison labor for profit.

It’s hard to believe slavery still exists in 2020, no matter the nature of it. For every purchase, one dollar of this pack gets donated to Anti-Slavery International. Visit to find out about other ways you can help.

I don’t have a prison or a gym on my map. What else could I use it for?

– Schools
– Parks
– Playgrounds
– Fancy tech startups with workers on scooters sporting man-buns
– Hospitals
– Malls
– Sport stores
– Private properties
– Workshops
– Bleachers are great as spectators areas for special events

What’s the license?

By purchasing this pack you are granted an unlimited commercial license to use, modify and adapt the prefabs contained in the pack with no attribution needed. You can include/modify an unlimited number of copies of the prefabs from this pack to use in your own maps and/or monuments, even those you want to sell. You are not granted permission to distribute this pack as whole nor to do so with any of its individual components separately. You cannot include the contents of this pack in another prefab pack. Whatever you’re distributing (be it commercial or not), the unbroken prefabs from this pack cannot comprise more than 5% of all prefabs in your project (plausible deniability and common sense still apply). This is to protect from bad actors releasing packs as maps/monuments. The nature and theme of this pack do not assume abundant use of it (although they certainly allow it). Think of it this way: on a 15k prefab map, is there really a need for more than 750 press benches? (As you can see, the maths works out, it’s a generous limit!)

How to report bugs/brag about your mad slam-dunking?

Join Lone’s Discord (if you haven’t already: what are you waiting for? we’ve got cake) and hit me up.