Project Riese

Project Riese is a covert weapons manufacturing facility off-grid from any other civilization. Among this Sci-Fi-esk monument, you will find quite the content of guards inside of it along with some tricky puzzles to make your visit even more difficult.


Size: Roughly half the size of the Airfield. Most of this monument is underground.


Prefab Count: 9,800~


Features of this monument include but aren’t limited to:
  • NPC guards roaming the inside
  • Loot (Mid to high tier depending on if you have red card)
  • Main Puzzle leading to red card safe
  • Side puzzle leading to elite crate and two green crates (Find 3 Pookie bears)
  • Quite the unique aesthetics of a building in Rust
  • Efficiently made while constructing so it affects clients performance very minimally (Better than going to launch site for comparison)

Including with the download, I will attach a readme inside the .zip. Please check it out as it contains info that may help you set this monument up on your own server if you don’t have much experience with any sort of map editing. For any inquiries of any sort please reach out to me on Discord!


Video with Ser Winter featuring the Monument!