Here I present so far my favorite prefab I’ve worked on. I’ve worked on this submarine for several weeks now off and on to make it how I wanted it. I hope some server owners are able to enjoy this and drop in onto their existing proc gen map for an extra spice for their players!


Loot accessible without any cards/fuses (very basic ‘road’ loot)
Full Blue card puzzle which requires a fuse to start. (2 elite crates, 4 green crates, 1 normal crate)
Functioning Alarm system if the button is pressed in the control room (sound only right now)
Easy drag and drop placement for server owners to add to their existing map
Full emersion of a new monument that feels like part of the game
This map is featured on Rustricians Server for anyone to play around on the monument and try it out while in the server! client.connect Server Website!

Video with Ser Winter featuring this monument!