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1HP Medical Center

(1 customer review)


Mid-Sized custom monument for unique Rust servers!

Sold By: Lone


Medical Center monument touches home compared to it’s name. It houses gear to heal up as well as other starter loot. This is a green card monument with a blue card spawn once you make your way to the pharmacy you will find that!

Features Include

  • Small puzzle (not as crazy as some of my other monuments)
  • Climbable air vents which you can open up and drop down
  • 1 Scientist Spawn protecting the gewd pills -Flat monument (can easily replace gas station)
  • Fits the ‘theme’ of Rust closer than most of my products!
  • Prefab count is 3593

1 review for 1HP Medical Center

  1. slayersrust (verified owner)

    Great starter monument to spice up your starter areas with more loot. Fun puzzles that are pretty intuitive and easy to understand. The prefab itself is pretty flat so I had an easy time incorporating it into my map quickly.

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