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Fantasy Forest


Amongst the deep holes within Rust’s unforgiving mountain lies a hidden forest which lies nothing but nice scenery and some decent starter loot if you can find them all hidden around the rocks.

Sold By: Lone


Things To Know:

This Monument Is Somewhat Demanding Compared To My Other Ones Since It Does Have A Lot Of Lighting. I Run Around 75fps Looking Directly At Lighting With A 2070 Gfx Card On Max Settings. So Just Keep This In Mind. Haven’t Tested On A Potato Yet.


Couple loot spawns around the outside of the rock formation
Several more loot spawns inside the main room, as well as a cave leading to a few more
Nice aesthetics to any server
To Use This Prefab On Your Own Map, Once Purchased, Drag The .Prefab File Into Your RustEdit Custom Prefabs Folder (Wherever You Downloaded RustEdit Too). Launch RustEdit, Open The .Map Of Your Procgen Or Already Custom Map. Then Tap On The Prefab Section, Click The “Custom” Subsection And Drag The Monument Wherever You Please! There Are Plenty Of Videos On Youtube About How To Drag Prefabs Around And Create A Custom Map From A Procgen, Etc.
Please give credits if using this on your existing maps/prefabs. This being free does not mean you can include it with a map/prefab you intend to sell.


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  • 07/11/2020 v2.0 - Removed chocolate egg worldmodel which removed red text errors on screen

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