Abandoned Campground DayShot
Abandoned Campground DayShot
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Abandoned Campground Morning
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Abandoned Campground


Sold By: Shark-A-Holic


Abandoned Campground

Once a lively family resort, this campground has long since been abandoned by the occasional inhabitors. Left behind are the remains of human use, some rations, and a somewhat functional water pump. I wouldn’t stick around too long…you never know what might come by for scraps.

Prefab Details

  • 176 Prefabs/Entities
  • Functioning Water Pump
  • Working Picnic Table Seating
  • Contains the Following Loot:
    • 1 Basic Crate
    • 2 Small Food Boxes
    • 1 Toolbox
    • 1 Normal Food Crate

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