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A scaled recreation of the island prison known as Alcatraz


Sold By: Niko




  • Alcatraz is a Rust Custom Monument and is a scaled representation of the Island of Alcatraz incorporating all the major landmarks.
  • One way in and one way out (if you want all the loot) prison.
    Single player will need planning, advisable to be done by two players, one inside one out.
  • The Island is patrolled by Bradley and many scientists.
  • The prison is guarded by Bandit Guards and Scientists in the secure wing.
    The general population is an assortment of Murders
  • Legendary prison Ghost is present (Scarecrow).
  • The warden is a Heavy Scientist.
  • The escape route is based on the infamous escape in 1962
  • The civil war tunnels run under the island along with sewers and secret rooms
  • Multiple green / blue / red card puzzles leading to Tier 3 Loot
  • The roof is protected by guards and SAM sites so no bypassing the main prison.
  • Bradley is on patrol
For the map makers out their this monument can be used in several ways. If you want it to be
none spawnable then change topography around the beach, its the only spawnable area. You can
also place a prevent building bubble around it if you wish players to not build. Finally the
prison is supplied as a separate monument if you do not wish to have the whole island present
and will allow you to place the prison anywhere however this is not its intended use so you may
need to modify terrain to accommodate it.
IMPORTANT – Due to a suspected bug in Rust Edit the scientists and their intended function
e.g. murders / bandits etc may not remain as designed and in testing the Bradley APC path gets
deleted when this monument is added to a map. To counteract this the monument is supplied as a stand
alone 1000 size map and can be merged with your current project thus keeping intact the
Bradley APC path and scientist designations as designed. 
CCTV is in effect, ALCATRAZ1 through to 10
Approx. 8.5K Objects, Physical Size for comparison is approx. 1.5x Launch Site
If you have any problems you can contact me as follows
Steam Group
Finally, please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use.
When adding to your map create a flat area in the sea. Use the waterline of the dock to line up the height of this monument.  It may require some minor terrain blending/smoothing and checking of the alpha once in place.
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6 reviews for Alcatraz

  1. slayersrust (verified owner)

    Top notch recreation of Alcatraz, this is the perfect addition to my World Map! It is a epic sized to scale jail with patrolling Bradley. There was alot of attention paid to the details in the puzzles and parkour that I’ve never seen before that got me really excited to try out. This is the the perfect addition to my map, I’d definitely recommend getting this to get more players excited about your server.

  2. bryan liss (verified owner)

    This Monument is awesome and looks like the real deal Alcatraz, and its a great addition to my map! people are going to really like this. I must say that Lone is a really helpful guy on which he passed me onto Niko the designer which he is a truly helpful guy and hats off too him its a defo A+++++ KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK NICO & LONE……..

  3. Dominic Pitoscia (verified owner)

    Niko has been an absolute unit when it comes to customer service. He’s understanding and helpful, even went so far as to teach me a few things in rustedit. The map is gorgeously done and, minus a few errors caused by rustedit or myself, is easy enough to drag and drop. Please note that this thing is MASSIVE and has tons of neat hiding spots you can turn into additional content. (Personally I added a locked crate in the sewers guarded by a squad of heavies.).

  4. John Rapponotti (verified owner)

    had a issue with some things but Niko was right there with the support to help line it all out players love it and its funny as hell to watch them try and figure it all out

  5. Richard Walker (verified owner)

    This is a great Monument, and Niko was a big help getting on to my map I am not a map builder. But he was able to place it for me and then followed up to help with where the scientist were spawning.
    When looking for new items for my players I will visit this site first, and look for Niko’s stuff.

  6. Aaron Milnes (verified owner)

    One of the best creators thanks for all the great prefabs

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