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Alexandria Town

(2 customer reviews)


Welcome To Alexandria! A Monument That’s Included On My Lone Island Map.

Sold By: Lone


Welcome To Alexandria! A Monument That’s Included On My Lone Island Map.

This monument is a combination of several works I’ve done, such as my Crane Monument for a neat puzzle, as well as Nuketown as the included neighborhood in this little city. Be careful because many Scientists roam the city and guard the loot. It also includes a Buildable zone inside the backmost apartment by the parking deck for the brave souls wanting to live in chaos. All features will be listed below not mentioned in this.


Prefab Count: 8562 prefabs (Updated November 5th/2020)

Crane Monument Puzzle integration (+ Large Crane Monument now)
Nuketown (not so friendly) neighborhood area
Nighttime support with a handful of natural-looking city lights for extra aesthetics
Mid-tier/Upper-Tier loot depending on where you go in the city
Multiple parkour areas leading to cool sites or to some good loot locations
2 Underground entrances thru manholes from outside the monument to sneak up
An incredible place to get some awesome PVP action!

Join my Discord to get access to cool roles to show off your support and get exclusive channels that give you access to future updates for your orders!

2 reviews for Alexandria Town

  1. rbryan79 (verified owner)

    Adds another radtown to you map. This one takes a little more patience to place due to its size. Just find a relatively flat area and remove all the rocks and boulders in your way. Overall, I recommend!

  2. wanderbread (verified owner)

    Alot of bang for your buck. 10 / 10

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  • v8 - Optimized, reduced prefabs overall cleaning, huge credits to @Karuza for giving me the idea for darker buildings. They look much better!
  • v9 - Fixed the roofs on the houses due to recent Facepunch patch making them invisible
  • v10 - Fixed roof on the outhouse at the houses
  • v11 - Enlarged the prevent building volume a bit
  • v12 - Added back NPC's, optimized, and added Large Crane monument in addition to the current one. Other minor fixes.
  • v13 - Added Ladder trigger to the new optimized crane within the city
  • v14 (11/05/2020) - Optimization+Loot Balancing
    • Heavily focussed on balancing the loot and reducing how much overpowered crates there were
    • Fixed surrounding topologies around the monument prevent trees/clutter from spawning to fit in with maps easier
    • Removed 457 prefabs from the monument to clean it up a bit better and help with performance
    • Added a recycler in the airfield building and repair bench in the workshop
    • Swapped nearly 300 infinite render prefabs at the neighborhood out with non-infinite render prefabs to help with performance
    • other minor tweaks and changes to spice it up a bit

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