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Arachnoland (spider land) is picturesque landscapes, white sands and steep cliffs.


Sold By: Gruber


On this map you will find many secluded places to build a base both above ground, on the ground, underground and under water. There are transparent monuments for farming and building a base.

-The island was created in the world creator 2 program.

-The map was in test mode for a month.

-The number of prefabs on the map is 43586.

-Map size 4000.

– Some custom monuments are created specifically for building a base

Custom monuments:
☣ Earthen Dream Cave
☣ Glass sphere
☣ Plant “Agroprom”
☣ Rad town
☣ Watcher’s Tower (by cOini)
☣ Passenger barge
☣ Waterfall with a cave
☣ Fanatical pier with a waterfall
☣ Golem House
☣ Underground parking
☣ Hinged penthouse with veranda
☣ Dugout
☣ Gardener’s greenhouse
☣ Small dam
☣ Chinese corner
☣ Fisherman’s house
☣ Spider’s lair
☣ Iceberg Shelter
☣ Frozen throne
☣ Etty’s house
☣ Magic well

FP Monuments:
– Launch pad
–  Train Tunnels
– Compound
– Bandit Camp
– Sewes branch
– Train yard
– Sphere Tank
– Water treatment
– Military tunnels
– Large oil rig
– Small oil rig
– Ports
– Roadside monuments
– Fishing villages
–  Horse stables

4 reviews for Arachnoland

  1. Marc Llobera (verified owner)

    Nice map, nice work!!!

  2. Johannes Reusch (verified owner)

    Nice map, but it needs Quarrys!!! Update plz!

  3. marcelldionpickard (verified owner)

    Map has some cool looking monuments however map needs some more work and polishing. All the custom monuments are marked on player map which is nice, however majority of the custom monuments are pointless in a way because there is no loot. The vanilla mining outpost at H9 is also bugged not spawning any loot. Some custom monuments like plant “argropom” have some loot but only 1 elite crate, barrels, and wood crates (hardly much) compared to other competing vanilla monuments like the actual power plant or airfield.

    When the map starts spawning in the console reports a lot of negative collisions and such when booting, which usually wasnt really a problem on my other 2 custom maps from a different map developer.

    I highly suggest anyone thinking about purchasing this map to wait until these problems are looked at especially the monuments.

  4. Eric Machala (verified owner)

    Great MAP

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