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Arachnoland (spider land) is picturesque landscapes, white sands and steep cliffs.

Sold By: Gruber


On this map you will find many secluded places to build a base both above ground, on the ground, underground and under water. There are transparent monuments for farming and building a base.

-The island was created in the world creator 2 program.

-The map was in test mode for a month.

-The number of prefabs on the map is 43586.

-Map size 4000.

– Some custom monuments are created specifically for building a base

Custom monuments:
☣ Earthen Dream Cave
☣ Glass sphere
☣ Plant “Agroprom”
☣ Rad town
☣ Watcher’s Tower (by cOini)
☣ Passenger barge
☣ Waterfall with a cave
☣ Fanatical pier with a waterfall
☣ Golem House
☣ Underground parking
☣ Hinged penthouse with veranda
☣ Dugout
☣ Gardener’s greenhouse
☣ Small dam
☣ Chinese corner
☣ Fisherman’s house
☣ Spider’s lair
☣ Iceberg Shelter
☣ Frozen throne
☣ Etty’s house
☣ Magic well

FP Monuments:
– Launch pad
– Compound
– Bandit Camp
– Sewes branch
– Train yard
– Sphere Tank
– Water treatment
– Military tunnels
– Large oil rig
– Small oil rig
– Ports
– Roadside monuments
– Fishing villages
–  Horse stables

2 reviews for Arachnoland

  1. Marc Llobera (verified owner)

    Nice map, nice work!!!

  2. Johannes Reusch (verified owner)

    Nice map, but it needs Quarrys!!! Update plz!

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