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Bank Heist Monument


A unique starter loot monument containing most of the essentials to get started on Newman island!

Sold By: Lone


Bank Heist Monument


Welcome to your friendly neighborhood bank, kinda!
At the rise of radiation taking over the city people quickly fled to their local banks scouring every bit of change they could find for the last hopes that currency would be useful. Find your way into the bank vault for the remaining goods.

Size: Comparable to Supermarket

Prefab Count: ~2500


  • Starter loot location
  • Flat terrain (easy to drag and drop and apply modifiers)
  • Included Loot: 2 normal crates, 1 green crate, a few tool crates, and barrels
  • Resource Vending machine
  • Recycler (in the vault)
  • No required keycards/fuses to complete the monument


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