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Burial Mound

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Big Discount until Halloween

A mostly underground monument featuring traps, parkour, scarecrows and treasure

Sold By: Niko



This based on the old English burial mounds found in the UK. The final home of a once great Rust King. You will find the monument home to ghosts and traps along with treasure, a parkour room, tunnels and a general sense of dread as you can hear the scarecrows but not always see them coming.

Make sure you read the readme, it contains important information for server admins.

Aprox 2.4K Prefabs

1 review for Burial Mound

  1. Morpheus RustRD (verified owner)

    Many Terrain trigger issues which instantly kill a player when they move into an unlucky area. The looks, ideas found inside this prefab are absolutely fantastic. Worth the money, Needs major adjustment prior to use however.

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0809 - Roof and IO fixed after August Forced Wipe

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