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5-in-one Map Pack of Custom Rust maps!

Valley of canyons

A very beautiful map with a multi-level landscape, made from scratch in the program World Creator 2. the map has many interesting ground monuments and underground monuments, as well as interesting places for building. The map size is 4000. The number of prefabs is 40k.

Lost World

An interesting map with a multi-level Landschaft, made from scratch in the World Creator program. There are many interesting ground monuments and one underground monument on the map. The map size is 4000. The number of prefabricated houses is about 40 thousand. much attention is paid to the landscape.

Remains of Civilizations

Quite an interesting map size 4000. The landscape is made from scratch in the World machine program. The name of the map speaks for itself, and there are remnants of the modern world and the world of the wild West, as well as sculptures of ancient people.

Unusual Island

Unusual_Island (Custom map)
Sorry for my English.

Landscape unusual, hilly terrain, farm island, all this can be seen on this map. In the presence of standard RT, except water treatment. There are custom caves, as well as standard ones.
Custom monuments:
1. Destroyed spaceport-visually similar to the usual, but built from scratch, differs in the presence of 2 zones for the construction of the base; there is no radiation and the tank; the launch pad is destroyed; the main building is completely redesigned, to climb to the top will have to go through the parkour.
2. Two huge networks of bunkers, caves, sewers, and mines; in certain caves there is a place for building with a quarry, furnaces and other good.
3. Small laboratory.
4. Customized sphere-linked with chains.
5. Azure cave overlooking the ocean.
6. Ancient arena-monument made in the style of arena Gladiator fights, there are statues and so on, inside there is also a cave under construction.
7. A stone giant skeleton - it looks beautiful and epic.
8. Farm island.
9. A small village along the river in European style.
10. Sawmill. The rest is small stuff.
Features: Loot is placed on custom monuments. If you need a map without loot, please email me to discord.
Size: 4000 km
Author: Gruber#7854
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Garden of Edem

Map size: 3000.
The Central mountain contains an excellent construction bunker that requires a lot of effort to build or eliminate. There are 2 previously used monuments. The map is considered lightweight for weak servers

Sold By: Gruber


This collection of maps is suitable for fans of an unusual landscape and a large number of custom monuments.


☣ Valley of canyons

☣ Garden of Eden

☣ Lost World

☣ Remains of Civilization

☣ Unusual island


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