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Discord Pop Bot+

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This is a script capable of controlling multiple bots from one program and a single config file without ever connecting to your server over RCON.


Sold By: Neko


This is a script capable of controlling multiple bots from one program and with a single config file without ever connecting to your server over RCON.

You may need Administrator privileges on the system to setup & run this script depending on your server’s setup.

Feature List

  • Run multiple bots from the one script
  • Change your config using the included “Config Editor & Generator” – no JSON knowledge needed!
  • Lowest possible performance impact – there are no new RCON connections ever made to your server.
  • Show players, max players, queued players, AND joining players!
  • Threshold message – when your pop falls below XX%, show a different message such as your wipe schedule.
  • Special variables that are replaced in your strings, allowing you to have any variable in any part of your pop bot’s message.
  • Global pop bots – add up the total players across your servers and show it on a dedicated bot!
  • Detailed logging – always know what went on whilst you were gone.

How does it work?

This script works by querying the BattleMetrics API – even if you don’t have a purchased RCON subscription! If you do, you’ll be able to display the amount of players joining.

Installation, Configuration, and Support

Please refer to the permanent and public repository dedicated to this pop bot at the following url.

Update Intervals

During the creation of your pop bots, you may be asked what “Update Interval” you would like. If you are running more than 4 bots, it is recommended you increase your update interval appropriately so that you do not spam Discord’s API – a quick way to get your server banned that a lot of Discord-related Rust scripts do not account for. Additionally, Discord will attempt to kill the connection a few times before banning you, which could result in crashes! Not to worry though, this script has been built to be as reliable as possible and will automatically restart itself if you follow the steps under “Running the Script”.



The threshold feature will wait for your pop to fall under a set percentage (referred to as threshold_percent in the config), and display an alternative message so that you do not have to display potentially embarassingly low pop to your Discord members. If this is something you are not worried by, simply set the threshold to 0 and it will never trigger. It is important to remember that the threshold is a percentage not a set value! A threshold of 10 and a max player count of 100 will only show the threshold when there are less than 10 players online.

The message shown can be changed by altering threshold_message in the config, or you will be asked to enter the text you wish to display when using the config editor.


Joining Players

If you would like to show the amount of players joining, it is absolutely necessary that you have a BattleMetrics RCON subscription purchased. You can enter it into the bm_token section of a bot’s config file.


Obtaining a Discord Bot Token

First, head over to and create yourself an application. It’ll most likely need your server logo, the name of the server, and any other information you wish for people to see appear.
Once that’s done, select the “Bots” tab and press create a bot. You’ll be presented with “Click to reveal a token” and a button that reads “Copy”. You can just press Copy and it’s on your clipboard ready to insert into your config file.


Obtaining a BattleMetrics API Token

If you have purchased a BM RCON subscription, this is for you.
Head over to You want to select “New Token”.
Fill in the identifier with something such as “Pop Bots” and ensure it has the “Execute any RCON command” permission. The rest aren’t used at all, so whether or not you grant them or not are completely your choice.
You’ll have only one chance to copy this token somewhere safe (such as the config.json file:D), so make sure you do. Luckily for you, this one token will work with all of your pop bots, so don’t worry about generating a new one for each bot (unless you really want to keep things nice and tidy).


3 reviews for Discord Pop Bot+

  1. Kaden Newman (verified owner)

    These bots work amazing!
    Never had an issue with them so far.

  2. GregK (verified owner)

    Support seems to be non-existent, and the installation guide for bot hosting is very unclear.

  3. Jordan de Jong (verified owner)

    There is no clear guide for setting up this bot, which makes it more difficult for new people in the server hosting space.

    Otherwise after setup its been running fine for a few months, but as of 2 days ago its randomly broken and I have no idea whats wrong with it. Its just stuck on “connecting…”, no idea where to get support for this.

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Version 2021 Beta 02
  • 1 month ago Added Requirements.txt file for compatibility
  • 1 month ago Updated Shared memory instances will no longer share a name across a restart.
  • 1 month ago Added --bits and --linkage command line options for the startup file ( Set these to override the platform defaults. Useful if you run the bot on a containerized system (such as
Version 2021 Beta 01
  • 1 month ago Updated Complete overhaul and rewrite of the code, including automatic distribution selection, joining players support for global pop bots, and more accurate update intervals. See the wiki homepage for further details (

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1 month 9 days ago

Works great. Would be nice to have a Steam Query as well added for one not in BM.


“game”: “outlawsofoldwest”,
“serverIP”: “”,
“port”: “27018”,
“refreshInteval”: 60000,
“channelText”: “Online players: “,
“channelID”: “”,
Was from another one i used 🙂 Thx


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