Forgotten valley


A huge monument located in the center of a forgotten valley will give you a lot of impressions of scientists and tank))

Sold By: Gruber


A beautiful valley located between two high mountains created in World Creator 2. In the center of the valley is a very huge monument. The map size is 4000, the total number of objects is 38k, as well as on the map you will find several places to build a base, there are scientists on custom monuments, as well as a patrol tank.

Custom Monuments:

☣ Very huge monument Wild territory, larger than the launch pad, has several puzzles, tank, scientists.

☣ Plant agriculture has a good production of loot, scientists

☣ Military checkpoint

☣ The pig farm.

☣ Several bunkers with Elevator and excellent interior design inside.

☣ Roadside monument

☣ the dugout.

☣ And most importantly just a beautiful landscape

Monuments FP:

– Outpost

– Train Yard

– Sewer Branch

– Bandit camp

– Sphere

– Harbor

– Military tunnels

– Fishing village


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