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Garden of Edem

Map size: 3000.
The Central mountain contains an excellent construction bunker that requires a lot of effort to build or eliminate. There are 2 previously used monuments. The map is considered lightweight for weak servers


Sold By: Gruber


Garden of Edem

Custom Monuments

  • ☣ The old village with the guillotine.
  • ☣ Small and unusual caves under construction.
  • ☣ Temple.
  • ☣ Bunker underground in the style of The metro “Exodus”.
  • ☣ A certain number of articles.
  • ☣ A small Colosseum.
  • ☣ A stone giant skeleton – it looks beautiful and epic.
  • ☣ Farm island.
  • ☣ Robinson’s island.
  • ☣ An ancient monument with a small underground part.
  • ☣ Overgrown tunnel.

Facepunch Monuments

  • Launch Site
  • Outpost
  • Train Yard
  • Sewer Branch
  • Power Plant
  • Bandit camp
  • Sphere
  • Excavator
  • Harbor
  • Military tunnels
  • OilRig
  • Stables


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