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Highrise Arena


Highrise map from MW2, great for a pvp arena for your custom servers!

Sold By: Lone


By far one of my favorite Call of Duty maps I bring you Highrise! A full-on rooftop arena experience which is great for any game mode such as Free for All, Team Deathmatch, and much more to use on your own server! Compared to my other maps I’d say this one is (Medium Sized) meaning you can get roughly a full COD lobby which was 18 players at max on this (game modes may vary recommended size).

Prefab Count: 6927 4881 (1/18/2021)


Map Features

All the same Easter egg/Parkour spots just like MW2 Highrise version
Fully independent of terrain, meaning you can place this map in the sky if you wanted to for easy access to your current terrain.

1:1 scale roughly to the exact Highrise map from mw2!


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  • v18 (1/18/2021)
    • Heavily reduced prefab count
    • Removed prefabs that aren't viewable to players within the arena

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