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IceStation Thule

(2 customer reviews)


Rust Custom Monument to add to your server

Sold By: Niko


IceStation Thule

Based upon John Carpenters The Thing.


  • Green, Blue and Red Card puzzles, you only need Green to start it.
  • Multiple loot crates around the monument
  • Red card Puzzle protected by Heavy Scientists and requiring 2 players to complete. Bradley Level Loot
  • Station is protected by a SAM site and Transmitted alarm, to encourage counter raids.
  • 9 CCTV Cameras THULE1 – THULE9
  • Roughly 2000 prefabs (consumers can remove rocks/extra prefabs if they wish)
  • Version 0411


When adding to your map create a flat area in the snow, set your brush to max and create a flat area, the monument has a “ground” level, indicated by the icelake, move that up so it is visible just above the flat area you have just created.  It may require some minor terrain blending/smoothing and checking of the alpha.

2 reviews for IceStation Thule

  1. Gauthier De Meirsman (verified owner)

    Very nice prefab, easy to integrate in your map and everything worked out of the box. A guide to do the puzzle would have saved me some time but it’s not that complicated to figure out. We’ll be incorporating it into our map on Northern Lights server.

  2. dimi7g (verified owner)

    Not sure if it is normal. Most of the doors dont open from inside. I am in rust edit now but not that advanced to figure it out myself. Otherwise perfect monument.

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0809 - Roof and IO fixed after August Forced Wipe

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