Land of Invaders (With underground tunnels)

A beautiful and interesting map in the style of Sci-fi mixed with science fiction.


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123 Land

If you ask me “What the hell is going on on the map?” then I’ll tell you that I don’t know it myself xD. I really wanted to try to create a map in the style of sci-fi mixed with fiction. It turned out something cosmic, with elements of an extraterrestrial civilization, by the way, and the name “Land of Invaders”. Perhaps the inhabitants of this island lived their own lives and did not touch anyone and one day they were overtaken by the unknown. Some flying monoliths began to appear all over the island, strange and frightening plants began to sprout in one of the glades. Do not understand what kind of creature built the portal through which his companions came…and by the way, they looked just like ordinary people. As for the rest, I’ll keep the explanation to myself. So to speak, I will let you dream up for yourself 😉

Size: 4500к

Prefab Count: ~69к

On the map there is a large number of objects that are submerged over long distances. For a higher and more stable FPS, I advise you not to include a drawing range above 1500.

Custom monuments:
Fantastic Sphere Tank
Worms Dump
Hands Dump
Fantastic garden
Radioactive Lake
Magic Swamp
Flying Platform
Wayside Warehouse
Wayside Garage
Wayside Supermarket
Mountain Military Base
Quarries that dig all the ores
Monuments from Facepunch:
Train Yard
Military tunnels
Sewer Branch
Power Plant
Bandit camp
Satellite Dish
Launch Site
Oil Rig
Large Oil Rig
Harbor 1
Harbor 2
Fishing Village
P.S. If you want to change the map for yourself / your needs, please contact the author.


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