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Lost World

(3 customer reviews)

An interesting map with a multi-level Landschaft, made from scratch in the World Creator program. There are many interesting ground monuments and one underground monument on the map. The map size is 4000. The number of prefabricated houses is about 40 thousand. much attention is paid to the landscape.


Sold By: Gruber


Lost World

Custom Monuments

  • ☣ Underground metro station, multi-level, with excellent customization.
  • ☣ Scientific database of scientists.
  • ☣ Destroyed launch pad (if necessary, I can replace it with a normal one).
  • ☣ Destroyed concrete and automobile plant
  • ☣ Lonely farms in the desert.
  • ☣ Roadside monuments.
  • ☣ The monument in the Scud under the name ” mount Yamantau”
  • ☣ Temple of the water king.
  • ☣ Overgrown barges for beginners.
  • ☣ A small tunnel.


Facepunch Monuments

  • – Train Tunnel
  • – Outpost
  • – Train Yard
  • – Sewer Branch
  • – Power Plant
  • – Bandit camp
  • – Sphere
  • – Excavator
  • – Harbor
  • – Military tunnels
  • – Satellite Dish
  • – Stables

additional information: This map requires the Rustedit extension for loot and electricity.

View More of My work here: https://lone.design/vendor/gruber/

3 reviews for Lost World

  1. Alexey Osin (verified owner)

    great support for maps

  2. James Moore (verified owner)

    This map is too cool!

  3. ThePitereq (verified owner)

    Nice map with a lot of cool monuments. My players love it!

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Version 1.1.1 | Updated December 2, 2021
  • Updated Update of the Giant Excavator Monument
Version 1.1.0 | Updated November 7, 2021
  • Added Added a new monument "Desert Military Base"
Version 1.0.9 | Updated September 10, 2021
  • Fixed Fixed bugs with sticks and stones in the winter biome
Version 1.0.8 | Updated August 31, 2021
  • Fixed Fixed a bug with a stone
  • Fixed Fixed some textures on the landscape
Version 1.0.7 | Updated August 13, 2021
  • Fixed The developers again changed the paths of some objects and they disappeared
  • Fixed Fixed found errors with prefabs
Version 1.0.6 | Updated August 4, 2021
  • Updated Underwater Update
  • Added Added a small plugin that excludes errors with spam errors of underwater NPCs in the console
Version 1.0.4 | Updated July 17, 2021
  • Fixed Fixed minor visual bugs
Version 1.0.3 | Updated July 5, 2021
  • Updated Tunnel entrances have been updated, bunkers have been added
Version 1.0.1 | Updated April 29, 2021
  • Updated Prepared and patched for the May 6th forcewipe for HDRP (only add this to your maps if you have the HDRP bundles open with Rustedit, otherwise wait until after May 6th)

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Got something to discuss?

6 months 19 days ago

I reported a problem with this map on Discord. Has it been updated so it’ll work on the latest Rust version yet?

6 months 19 days ago

Yes, it has been updated

Shock Bomb
1 month 16 days ago

im sure this is on my end since i have never loaded a custom map before but, i am having an issue where it kicks people for a bundle error or something

Shock Bomb
1 month 14 days ago

found the issue was with the server itself. now i dont have any keycards set up or vending machines. not sure how to set that. even the facepunch monuments aren’t working correctly.

1 month 14 days ago

We talked to you on Discord, is the problem solved?

Map FAQ – How do I host this .zip/.7z file I just purchased on my server?

• First, you want to unzip the file. You can do so by just double-clicking it to open, then drag the contents to the desired location (you may need to install an external unzipping software if you don’t already have one)
• Next you will find either a structure of folders or just the .map file itself (it’s the important one).
• Once the .map is uploaded to dropbox simply copy the share link attached to it.
• You will first start off by uploading the .map file to an online hosting provider, I’ll include dropbox since it’s easy to get started with.
• Once you’ve copied the link paste it into your server’s startup .bat (batch) file. (You can leave the worldsize/seed. Custom maps override proc gen parameters)
• Example “levelurl “https:// www dropbox dot com/s/sdfagbragae/testmapname.map?dl=1”
• Make SURE the dl=0 at the end is changed to dl=1 otherwise players won’t be able to join!
• Now just start your server and it’ll boot right up! Below I’ll attach a video that goes more in-depth on hosting custom maps vs proc gen maps since it’s a tad different

Additionally, here’s a great video that easily covers hosting a custom map for the first time if you need it! https://youtu.be/y9vNvOIPyVM

• Installation is not included with any products on the site, however, if needed we may assist if you reach out to our support.
• If the product contains a plugin file (.cs) it’s advised to have it installed prior to booting your server with the map you purchased