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Mansion (Modern)

$7.99 $4.99

Simply a cool looking modern mansion that would fit into any rust city!

Prefab Count: 1977

Sold By: Ohlers



Have you ever wanted a mansion in the hills? Well, you can now have a prime piece of real-estate with unique modern architecture not commonly seen in rust.

This mansion is a simple yet cleverly designed property fit for any city, suburb, or unique location.


  • One large property with multiple balconies.
  • Two loot rooms with separate layouts that are easily configurable. (Room for workbench, research table, more boxes, etc.)
  • Simple yet pleasant interior, and it’s also easily configurable to fit any needs. (Easy to add workbench/ repair bench etc.)
  • Low prefab count as to not result in any performance loss!

If you have any problems with configuring or editing contact author.

Prefab Count: 1977


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