Map collection, part two (5 maps)

5-in-one Map Pack of Custom Rust maps!

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Custom map of Namalsk. The size of the map is 4000, the style of the map resembles the remnants of the post-Soviet era.

Hot mountain

The name of the map speaks for itself. The main attraction of this map is not extinct lava from a dead volcano.

Forgotten valley

A huge monument located in the center of a forgotten valley will give you a lot of impressions of scientists and tank))

Wolf mountain

It's a pretty old map that was created manually back in 2018, when the editor was limited in its capabilities. At the moment, almost all new monuments have been added. I couldn't leave the map in my archive and decided to share it with you for a small fee.

Land of fantasy

"Land of fantasy" size 4000 with a magnificent landscape made in world Creator 2 is one of those maps where the name speaks for itself. Its main components, of course, are the island and the mapper's fantasy... The map is famous for its beautiful caves, atmospheric monuments, and evergreen forests. These unusually beautiful monuments are the main "feature" of the map, which looks like a Paradise on the planet.

Sold By: Gruber


This collection of maps is suitable for fans of an unusual landscape and a large number of custom monuments.


☣ Namalsk

☣ Hot Mountain

☣ Forgotten valley

☣ Wolf mountain

☣ Land of fantasy


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