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RUST Planes!

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This plugin allows server owners to create and build their own custom planes that is not limited to just the body, but also the physics of the planes! The 2 planes provided in the plugin are just examples of what is possible. The planes come equipped with fully functional and customizable weapon systems that allow owners to set where projectiles are fired from, the effects the projectiles use, to even the type of projectile used such as rockets, bullets, or even bombs!

For Optimal Performance Server FPS Limit Must Be Between 30-60

This plugin includes a ChatCommand helper plugin that allows players to spawn in planes via chat commands. This plugin allows to limit the amount of planes that can be spawned in addition to allowing them to recall their spawned planes.

Note: Chat command is case sensitive, so it must exactly match the unique key of the plane in the config. If using the provided config, the command will be /spawn Fighter and /spawn Bomber


5 reviews for Planes

  1. slayersrust (verified owner)

    Players on my server are having an absolute blast with this Plugin! Adds a fun new dynamic to the game-play and the customization options are insane. You can literally make the planes however you want them. The creator was also super quick to assist me with Setup when I had a few questions. 10/10 would recommend this to make your player pop larger by adding a unique element to your server.

  2. Artefist (verified owner)

    Amazing plugin !
    it adds a very personal touch to the server, your players will be delighted! This plugin is very well made and stable, do not hesitate to get it if you want to stand out from the crowd of conventional servers. No matter your level, if you encounter difficulties you will have the follow-up until everything is operational!

  3. Mauro Kunfermann (verified owner)

    Its absolute fun with it, but can somebody help me with the config? The players found out that they can fly into the bradly to destroy it…can somebody tell me how to change that?
    (does somebody have a other layout for the plane?)

  4. Stacy Lairmore (verified owner)

    good so far , but could use some help understanding how to make different planes and how to add /use the different ammo types. is a biplane possible?

  5. James Moore (verified owner)

    Karuza is super helpful! This plugin is really well made. When I saw the MarsFighter shoot bullets that look like lasers…I was blown away. Very nice touch!

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