RC Cars and Minicopters

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Remote controlled cars!

Sold By: Karuza



Introducing Remote Controlled Cars AND Minicopters for Rust!

Featuring 5 variants:

  • Sedan – Recon
  • Sedan – Dual M249
  • Sedan – C4
  • Mini – Recon
  • Mini – Rockets

These RCs are controlled via the computer station. In order to drive the RC, small charged batteries must be placed in the trunk of the RC. In order to use the various weapon types, the corresponding ammo needs to be included, ie 1 C4 for the C4 car or the amount of 556 for the M249s. When a RC is destroyed, any remaining items in the trunk are dropped on the ground.


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5 reviews for RC Cars and Minicopters

  1. nicxjacx (verified owner)

    Pls update the Plugin. no more work after update!

    (Vendor edit): Please contact Karuza#1488 for updated version before he pushes to the site with the main version

  2. Charles Young (verified owner)

    this so much fun, once you understand the rules you will enjoy it…well worth the money

  3. thepiercedweirdo (verified owner)

    I’ve been running this on my test server and the select few love it. I can’t wait till it goes live next wipe.

  4. Brenden Saul (verified owner)

    Awesome plugin, worth the money. So much fun.

  5. deyowan (verified owner)

    Amazing plugin! Nice responce from Dev and its discord community aswell! Love the idea of the rechargeable battery consumption 😉

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Version 01.02.02 - 7/4/2020

  • Fix to resolve new FP changes from latest wipe
Version 01.02.01 - 6/21/2020
  • Fixed missing mini recon permission
Version 01.02.00 - 6/20/2020
  • Minicopter added as an RC!
  • New config: AssignRandomId - If true, the camera will be assigned a random ID
  • New config: DeathMarker - If true, a death marker will be displayed to the owner and the owner's team
  • New config: DeathMarkerDuration - Duration to display the marker
  • New config: TimeIdleBeforeDestroy - Time idle without a driver before destroying the RC
Version 01.01.01 - 6/12/2020
  • Resolved issue where damage was incorrectly calculated for walls
Version 01.01.00 - 6/11/2020
  • Added max range to configuration
  • Added audio alert to indicate when the RC is approaching the max range
  • Fix for players mounting the RC while being driven by a controller
  • Fix for render issues at distance
Version 01.00.00 - Base

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