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Remains of Civilizations

(2 customer reviews)

Quite an interesting map size 4000. The landscape is made from scratch in the World machine program. The name of the map speaks for itself, and there are remnants of the modern world and the world of the wild West, as well as sculptures of ancient people.

$24.99 $19.99

Sold By: Gruber



Custom monuments:

☣ TurboChannel plant, the approximate size it is comparable to the launch pad. There is a medium and high loot.

☣ Garages, a good place for PVP and collecting components.

☣ Customs control zone. It also has a good loot and a huge garage for building the base.

☣ Polis. Underground monument with excellent loot. The Creator is my partner “jtedal”.

☣ Several towns in the style of the wild West, a good place for events with duels.

☣ Waterfall, a sphere with a tree and small lakes, created for decoration.

☣ Customized scope of the FP. Please note that it is possible to get into the underwater part with ancient sculptures and good loot, but you must have several scuba gear.

☣ The oil rig is located on the ground.

☣ Several places to build a small base.


Monuments FP:

☢ Airfield

☢ Launching pad

☢ Railway station

☢ Radtown is small

☢ Nuclear power plant

☢ Bandit camp

☢ Compound

☢ Huge Excavator

☢ Port

☢ Military tunnels

☢ Stables

Additional Information: This map requires the Rustedit extension for loot.

2 reviews for Remains of Civilizations

  1. Alexey Osin (verified owner)

    such an amazing map

  2. fab529 (verified owner)

    The map is awesome, not only that.
    The contact with Gruber was really great too, i had an issue which i thought was related to the map, it ended being not related to the Map, and even at that point Gruber did anything to assist fixing the issue.

    Even though technically at that point it was not his map’s problem.

    10/10 Support. Thank you for being awesome Gruber!

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