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Maze of Frustration (Two Versions)


A simple Monument to drive your players Nuts with vast rewards.

Sold By: Niko


An Underground Glass Maze

Its a simple underground Glass Maze (1.8K Objects)  that will drive your
players nuts. Purchase a keycard for entry and then there is only one way
out, well two if you count suicide…. Your reward is 4 military crates.
There is now a FREE additional maze (untested) with similar loot (1K Prefabs)
Version 2 that has random opening and closing doors so its harder to map
If you like once in place you can slide multiple glass cubes to
arrange the maze into your own unique design, just make sure you test it
to make sure you can escape.
If you have any problems you can contact me as follows
Steam Group


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Added a second version, untested hence the reason why its FREE with the original.