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Hoth Battle Arena

(2 customer reviews)


Hoth Battle Arena -its a battle between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance

Sold By: Ninfiniti


The Empire is out to squash the Alliance with a fierce attack of AT-AT walkers, but the Alliance will fight back with the Force on its side.

Enjoy my vision on Rust of this epic battle of the Rebel Alliance against the Empire on the ice planet of Hoth.

The arena battle contains three AT-AT Walkers, Imperial Probe Droid, Hoth Gun Turret, SnowSpeeder and Millennium Falcon.


2 reviews for Hoth Battle Arena

  1. ColonBlow (verified owner)

    Ok, its Star Wars… Awesome !! and everything in the pack is just great. The details on the prefabs are top notch. Well worth every penny. Just AWESOME !!!!

  2. wanderbread (verified owner)

    The Force is very strong with this one. The amount of work that went into this is incredible. 5 Stars!!!

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