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Skullisland, a neat map that works perfect for both your modded and vanilla server


Sold By: Deeplyfri3d


This map contains a few custom made monuments and includes all the regular facepunch monuments aswell.
The map have great roads for the ultimate vehicle experience and loads of forest making it easier for those poor solo players to hide within

Monuments of interest

Shopping Center
Golem Haven
Crashed Cargoship
Abandoned Factory

Map Size: 4000
Prefab count: 45k

3 reviews for Skullisland

  1. MICHAEL BRETT (verified owner)

    awesome map my players love it keep up the good work and the price of $14..95. definitely worth buying:]

  2. alexanderhansen.93 (verified owner)

    @deeplyfri3d very nice to see the work you startet years ago finaly have taken for in this awesome map! +Good price
    +Cool monuments
    +Sexy map maker

    Overall super cool and can’t wait to hear what my players think about it!



  3. gavh08 (verified owner)

    Overall a pretty awesome Map!!! Good bang for your buck for sure!! I love the creativeness. My only con is the over population of boats but map runs nice and smooth!!! Well Done

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Fixed some red errors poping up when loading the server and removed a bunch of duplicates

v 1.6

Removed an APC path that was placed in a wierd spot

v 1.6.1

Updated to the latest oxide.ext.rustedit.dll file, occured an issue where server didnt update itself

v 1.7

Fixed some failed topologies (Beaches being further in on land at a few places) Reduced NPC Spawns in both Golem and Shopping Center


Merged cave version into one version with instead of 2 medium sized caves up to 3 hard big caves Updated map for harbor update (Do NOT open the map in editor before new editor version is released after the monhtly update)


Ocean topology fix. Made a second version without bots called skullislandv.x.xnb. Added some Flaming/Glowing Skulls on pillars for some better looks. Made the cargoship path slight lower on the bottom to not crash into the island.


Updated Vendor profiles (golden eggs within the shopping center were able to being abused) Added Vendor profiles in zip file (For customers that wish to edit themself) Dont forget to copy the prefab part files and replace them with the old 1.9 versions! Added a few more decorations inside the christmas shop in shopping center


Adjusted the terrain under the right eye(lake), made it more shallow for easier building locations also it seems for some buyers that the water didnt reach all the way down to the bottom


-Added monument markers for custom monuments (Do NOT edit it before the update of rustedit tonight otherwise they will disappear) -Added Stable and Ranch -Re-added bots to custom monuments (gone for unknown reasons) -Polished slightly more on some topology

v 1.9.5

-Switched out murderers with scarecrows at shopping center (the murderers didnt seem to have any clothing on at all) -Adjusted some road parts that didnt seem to be lined up with the terrain (still a work in progresss so please get report to me if you or your players notice something like this)

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