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(4 customer reviews)


Skullisland, a neat map that works perfect for both your modded and vanilla server


Required Dependencies:
RustEdit DLL



Sold By: Deeplyfri3d


This map contains a few custom made monuments and includes all the regular facepunch monuments aswell.
The map have great roads for the ultimate vehicle experience and loads of forest making it easier for those poor solo players to hide within

Monuments of interest

Shopping Center
Golem Haven
Crashed Cargoship
Abandoned Factory
Tunnel system

Map Size: 4000
Prefab count: 43k

4 reviews for Skullisland

  1. MICHAEL BRETT (verified owner)

    awesome map my players love it keep up the good work and the price of $14..95. definitely worth buying:]

  2. alexanderhansen.93 (verified owner)

    @deeplyfri3d very nice to see the work you startet years ago finaly have taken for in this awesome map! +Good price
    +Cool monuments
    +Sexy map maker

    Overall super cool and can’t wait to hear what my players think about it!



  3. gavh08 (verified owner)

    Overall a pretty awesome Map!!! Good bang for your buck for sure!! I love the creativeness. My only con is the over population of boats but map runs nice and smooth!!! Well Done

  4. caroline morin-bergeron (verified owner)

    am I the only one to have bugs at the metro level? Entrances or that we cannot go in … a piece of rail missing? note that we have not made any changes

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