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Play recorded in game sound threw Alarm Speaker.

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Version 1.0.10 Date 01-25-2021

Record your voice in game and play it threw a alarm speaker.

This is still in bata but has been tested and is working like should…
This will require knowledge to record good music if you want music as you need a speaker to mic or a good soundboard.

Sever impact has not been tested i spawned in 4 and had them playing music little impact so not sure on impact if you have hundreds. spawned in playing at same time.

Plugin will spawn a npc below the speaker so recommend not placing the speaker 3 floors up.

Permishion needed: soundspeaker.use

Chat commands:
/s_sound add <saveName> – Start a recording
/s_sound save – Saves the recording
/s_sound cancel – Cancels the recording
/s_sound remove <saveName> – Removes a recording

For Global sounds in list before recording /s_sound global to activate/deactivate then record/save like normal.

After recording is saved hit a speaker with a hammer and choose the recording hook up power to a switch and play.

3 reviews for Sound Speaker

  1. deyowan (verified owner)

    Works perfect, be sure to press the mic activation key ingame to record after /s_sound add name and you end up with a lot of fun! 🙂

  2. Tyler Dean (verified owner)

    Amazing plugin, only problem I have is whenever I try to play a Global Sound it just says SomethingWentWrong in the chat and doesn’t play it

  3. Modgey (verified owner)

    Plugin is very buggy, and unreliable.. Also lacking updates to fix these bugs/issues.

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  • V1.0.10 Added ability to hook to buttons and timers.
  • V1.0.8 Added delay on start for power sources that are not active all the time to switch. AKA batteries
  • V1.0.7 Null checks.
  • V1.0.6 Fix for rust update.
  • V1.0.5 Update only allows speaker to work off switch to avoid lag of power detection.
  • v1.0.4 Ui rework and added in global recordings.
  • v1.0.3 Fixed error when someone playing record with no sound.

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