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Space Needle Monument


Unique Space Needle Monument for Rust

Sold By: Lone


Welcome to the Newman Space Needle Monument!

Amongst this massively tall custom Rust monument you will find loot, a couple scientists, and more than likely a kid with a double-barrel ready to get your looties. This monument is sure to bring some wild attention to your map  with it’s towering height of nearly 300 meters and can be seen across the entire map. To attract more attention, this monument is more geared towards starter loot, only requiring a single fuse to obtain several normal and green crates along with several tool crates and barrels lying around, the real threat are others trying to get this advantageous location.


  • 1 fuse puzzle to reach the top
  • Flat map support (easily drag and drop to any spot on your map with a flat area
  • Lockdown switch to close the doors for a minute (puzzle fuse required)
  • Height advantage (don’t worry it’s hard to snipe out of since render distance handicaps people from L96 camping it)
  • Anti heli skip puzzle (max height of tower is higher than helis can fly, and the climb down rope is only 1 way to ensure the only way up the monument is the elevator, but there are 2 ways down.
  • Elegant ride up the most unique elevator in Rust


In order for this monument to be fully functional, it does come with 1 required plugin in order for the custom elevator route to work. Additionally, like most of my creations, you must have the Rustedit extension installed on your rust server which can be found at the link below.


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