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The Trench

Trench is a Great War Trench System with multiple crates and scientists to defeat.
No puzzles here just combat and loot. Also, credits to Cherios as well as parts of his prefab were used within this free prefab!


  • Great war system trench system to add to any map as a monument
  • Can easily be used as an arena for event servers!
  • Roughly 9800 prefabs (consumers can remove rocks/extra prefabs if they wish)


It is suggested to place this prefab on the axis it’s on once spawned in since Rust’s terrain ‘pixelation’ limits terrain slopes when pasting in prefabs. So when dropping this prefab within your map you may have to grab the entire prefab and slightly move it to align with the terrain due to this handicap (not the prefab’s fault, just how Rust’s works). 

Sold By: Niko


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