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Vehicle Arena Pack


A custom rust vehicle arena/track pack for the new modular vehicles.

Sold By: Lone


Vehicle Arena Custom Rust Pack!

I do plan to update this as time goes on. I just wanted to make a pack for everyone to use (especially even servers) so people can have unique races/events.

This pack includes

  • Derby Arena – 1 Full-blown sky-based derby arena with automated doors/traps
  • Race Track 1 – Traditional oval based race track with a fence barrier on the outside of it
  • Race Track 2 – Traditional oval based race track with no fence on either side leaving it totally open to crash and burn!
  • Race Track 3 – Non-traditional game-based track consisting of extreme vehicle challenges such as loops/bumps/ramps and more

This pack was primarily made for the hype of the new vehicle update and the plugins that will probably follow behind it to customize the vehicle speed/dmg/torque/grip/etc.

I hope you all have fun with this custom rust pack! It was a blast testing it with the sedan vehicle and I hope to see it on some of those unique servers out there!

This pack is not meant to work right out of the box, you will need to configure spawn points via plugins from Umod or other sources. Additionally as mentioned above this pack may be subject to change depending on the functionality of the vehicles and if they can accomplish certain courses. Not set in stone yet, but it’s a possibility I will revisit this pack in the future.


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  • May, 15th: Initial Release 1.0.0

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