Wolf mountain


It’s a pretty old map that was created manually back in 2018, when the editor was limited in its capabilities. At the moment, almost all new monuments have been added. I couldn’t leave the map in my archive and decided to share it with you for a small fee.

Sold By: Gruber


On the map there is a huge number of simple custom monuments, both ground and underground. there is a minimal amount of loot on the roads, since the roads consist of serpentines, but the loot is compensated by a large number of monuments with good loot. The map is suitable for researchers and those who like to build bases in unusual places. there are a lot of places to build a base underground and on the ground. There may be some minor bugs on the map, but if you write to me about them in discord, I will fix them as soon as possible. You can get acquainted with the appearance of the map in this video.

Monuments FP:

– Outpost

– Train Yard

– Sewer Branch

– Bandit camp

– Sphere

– Harbor

– Military tunnels

– Fishing village

– Oilrig

– Power Plant

– Stables


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