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Zombie Map Pack (3-Pack)


A pack of 3 Zombie Maps recreated from the Call of Duty Zombie series!

Sold By: Lone


I’d like to start off and say these maps have been a nearly 1-year passion project of mine to have a re-created zombie server similar to the old incredible Call of Duty zombie’s game mode ‘nazi zombies’! However, I have recently decided to go ahead and release these maps to the public! All info will be below!

These are solely JUST maps and do not include any game modes, or zombies, or anything. These will need to be set up with plugins, probably custom ones to work with an actual zombie game mode. However, these can easily be made into PVP arenas as well!

Maps Included

  • Nacht Der Untoten (1304 Prefabs)
  • Verruckt (4968 Prefabs) (Working Electricity System)
  • Der Riese (5966 Prefabs) (Working Electricity System)
  • (All in one together on a single .map included)


Nacht Der Untoten

  • The first map upon the pack that I created. This map includes 1 mystery box location and a tight corner map with limited areas to defend yourself amongst the undead!



  • This is the second creation related to the series of zombie maps I made. This one just like the Call of Duty version is based inside of an insane asylum, again with limited running space and tight corners. However, this one offers more mystery box locations and this is the first map that call of duty included perks on! (Juggernog, Speed Cola, Double Tap, Quick Revive).

Der Riese

  • This is one of my proudest creations as a mapmaker. I created this map nearly a year ago right after making Nuketown which was my first creation and have revisited this map a handful of times to improve it over the year! The map is larger in size compared to the rest, similar to Verruckt it has placements for mystery boxes, perk machines, and this map even has a fully functional IO system at which you can turn the power switch on just like the actual map on COD. You can also link all 3 of the teleporters to open up the Pack-A-Punch machine with the custom IO circuit that it has with this prefab!



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  • 10/1/2020 - Initial Release

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