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Battlepass. A mission system for which a player receives awards and currency for which case can open.

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  • Beautiful user interface
  • Logging purchases / replenishment of the balance (both to the console and to a file)
  • Versatility (can work with various economy plugins)
  • Performance (plugin is faster than existing competitors)
  • Interesting idea
  • The ability to customize absolutely any inscription


addfirstcurrency {userid} {amount} give the player the first currency

addsecondcurrency {userid} {amount} give the player a second currency

battlepass.wipedata clear player progress

pass open interface


Item Types

  • Item
  • Command
  • Plugin


Mission Types

  • Gather
  • Kill
  • Craft
  • Look
  • Build
  • Upgrade

1 review for Battlepass

  1. xstevenburnsx2014 (verified owner)

    great plugin

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1.19.0Fixes for accounting in missions "Kill" 1.18.0Fix for setting challenge of the day. Fix loot accounting (now ever looted items are not counted). 1.17.0Changes to helicopter killings. Added the ability to reset mission progress upon completion. Added automatic assignment of a private mission after loading the plugin for people who do not have one. 1.16.0No comments 1.15.0Fixes for updating private missions 1.14.0Returning to the old loot accounting system 1.13.0Now the second currency is given as a reward for all missions 1.12.0Loot tracking fixFixed update of private missions for players 1.11.0Fixed accounting for helicopter kills 1.10.0Correction of the cmd "battlepass.wipedata" Addendum of various permissions 1.9.0Release on Lone Design

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