Rust HDRP Info

April 1st, 2021

There are a few important things to know about what to expect with HDRP branch coming soon hopefully within this article you will take away some info that will aid you or give you peace regarding your custom maps or servers! All the info provided here as stated by the famous Shadowfrax is “Subject to Change!”. So take all the info here as such since anything is possible to be reverted, modified, added, etc.

So how does this change current custom maps?

Well, in short, it is still up in the air. But there are some certainties that we can inform you of!

  • Monuments will change and will require touching up/re-applying their terrain/splat/etc.
    • Launch site (Train entrance added)
    • Spheretank (Large overhaul such as a new under-tank lootable area)
    • Junkyard (Massive overhaul and pretty much an entire remaster of the monument)
    • Satellite Dish (Many structures changed positions and layout is quite different)
    • Military Tunnels (Medium change to blend it much better within the environment such as roads)
    • Sewer Branch (Another medium change to blend much better as well within the map)
    • Caves (So far from what we know, all cave entrances have had a major overhaul so those will need re-applying terrain/splat for sure)
  • Terrain/ground decor is going to look MUCH better!
    • Hands down this is the biggest environmental change that Rust has seen yet and your maps even with minor bugs that will need repairing, have no doubt that at least the ground and foliage will look on-par!
  • New Rock Models!
    • These are hands-down one of my favorite new additions. With these new rocks this may require you to use the Replace Tool within Rustedit. However, the alignment may vary depending on how different the new rock models are compared to the previous. So this may be one of the larger adjustments you’ll have to revisit quite possibly.
  • Removal and Addition of assets for us!
    • This means that there is a large possibility your maps may have areas where the prefabs were removed as Facepunch may have removed them from the client bundle file. However, within Rustedit there is a chance (I say loosely) that we’ll be able to counter removal of assets via using the replace tool with the new assets such as we could back when Facepunch swapped out the old roof/walls/other building materials with new modeled ones.
    • Like mentioned this will bring loads of new assets into the game that we have within our power to build anything we want with! Most notably are the new rocks/cliffs that I just can’t get over. There are also much more including prefabs from the new junkyard such as new wrecked vehicles, construction equipment, grinder parts and more!

How can I access the HDRP Branch to update my maps?

This branch will not be available until April 7th so currently there is no option. But once it’s the 7th you’ll see the options I’m referring to below!

First, open the Steam library and navigate to your Rust Staging branch and right-click to go to properties

staging branch hdrp

Then open up the Betas section then you’ll see a down arrow where the HDRP branch will be located.

betas HDRP










After selecting that branch you will then have to finish the update for it. Once you’re done with that navigate to where your Rustedit is installed and open the config file.


Once open scroll down until you see the “Rust Install Location”: section then paste in the location where your Rust staging branch is located. I’ll post an example below.

Example of my location

“Rust Install Location”: “C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\RustStaging\\Bundles\\Bundles”,

After that, you’re clear to open up your Rustedit and edit away!

Will the Rustedit Map Editing Tool Be Ready for this?

k1lly0u, the creator of the amazing tool, keeps it well up to date for any major updates that comes out, sometimes even pre-patches so it’s ready for future updates. If you’d like to stay tuned when the editor gets updated and is ready for this branch fully then consider joining the Rustedit Discord for more info!

Find out more info about HDRP as it comes around the corner!

Wheatley, a well-known Rust veteran, especially known for being gifted with Map editing, will also share info within the Rust Map Making Discord of more in-depth info about HDRP, and other custom-map-related news and topics! It’s a no-brainer to join and stay the absolute most up-to-date.

Check out further info about HDRP and commentated video from the creators below!



Recently MiketheVike did an awesome video showcasing WhoisMikeJones’ server called WeeklyRust and did an amazing job showcasing the talent and listening to how we do some methods when creating these projects! Huge shoutout to ya Mike and Mike xD Check the video below!

Rustedit Training

I began compiling ideas of things to show the map-making community within, mostly unique tutorials that i haven’t seen elsewhere, just to show the community more capabilities they have with such a fun tool! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the videos on these custom rust map-making guides. It would be awesome if you dropped a like/comment/subscribed!

Below I have attached a RustEdit Training Playlist. May be worth checking out!

Rustedit Training Playlist!

In the last several months/weeks I have been scouring the deep depths of the Rust management/development community to find the most unique creators/plugin developers to host their products on the site. There has been an increase of members join the team and host their content on the site, however, I bet there are many more talented people out there! If you any of you know of someone who is unique, or growing, or even very experienced in map-making or plugin development feel free to invite them to the discord! Additionally, if you’re interested in joining to have your masterpieces displayed on the site as well please click the link below to submit a vendor application to join!

RustClient b1CjRGNbt9 Lone

We are always expanding and plan to branch into other games in the near future to include many more unique content across many different games! This site started off as a Custom Map site for Rust and has quickly turned into a great community of talented people who I (Lone), have had a absolute privilege getting to meet!


Last I’d like to add to this post is a huge thank you to all of you who have purchased, supported, or even guided the team in any way and I want to let you know how much it means to me that I am able to do what I love doing during this strange time in the world today. So seriously, thank you all so much!

Okay guys, it’s finally the time for the new site with full vendor support! You can now create an account and upload your own maps/prefabs to be approved/disapproved on the site and even earn some extra coin for it!

Hope Valley Teaser Gif new

I had some free time to add several new custom monuments/prefabs from other creators for more publicity for them! This process is still very early in development and very manually set up so if you wish to have your work showcased on my map dm me on discord (Lone#1337).

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Sponsor Information Regarding custom creators

Quite a bit of thought was put in on how I wanted to inform sponsors regarding other creator’s work on my website. So I have decided that all custom creations made by myself will be available for Sponsors but if anything made from other creators will not be included with my Sponsor purchase! If you wish to get a VIP rank or sponsor for the other creators then that is between them and yourself. I’m just hosting their creations for more publicity to help them out!

All custom monument/prefabs/maps made by other creators other than myself (Lone) are not included with Sponsor rank at this time.