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Deserted Airfield

The deserted airfield will fit well on your map. This monument is made in the style of Mad Max, it also has several cars from this style (C0ini cars). The airfield is surrounded by a fence of rusty broken cars with barbed wire. There are 2 towers for fans of sniper rifles.


Sold By: Gruber



☣ 3800 prefabs
☣ 14 Normal Crates (Standart, Medical, Food, Military green crates)
☣ 2 Tool Crates
☣ Barrels
☣ Recycler

– Splat mask
– Height mask
– Topology mask
– Biom mask

P.S. The file contains installation instructions. Also, for installing this prefab on your map, if you want to change the prefab for yourself / your needs, please contact me.


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