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High Trestle Bridge – small

An awesome bridge to add to your server!


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The High Trestle bridge is a cultural landmark which is an attraction on the High Trestle Trail in Iowa.
When tourists stand in the center of the bridge the multiple steel, square frames align to reveal an interesting pattern.

The prefab has been designed extremely close to the original scale of the real bridge, which is only about 10 feet wide on the deck.
The anchor point of each prefab is set precisely so the modular bridge sections can be easily snap-fitted together to fit the required span of the bridge.
Range bridge sections flipped upside-down can be used to extend the height of the bridge legs.

The zip file includes two versions of modular sections:
-A section with square frames every 4 meters
-A section with no square frames, designated “bare”

Each section is 24m in length and 18m high.



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