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Lone Island

(2 customer reviews)


Custom Rust 4k map to use for any unique server to bring a twist!

Sold By: Lone


Welcome to Lone Island, this map has been in the works for several months now including fully custom monuments that I have made. This will bring a nice change to any server to host especially if your players are getting bored of any existing monuments or terrain generation. I guarantee some cool PVP moments will happen on this map! More Info on some of the monuments below!

This purchase is a once-only charge. Once purchase you have lifetime access to use this product and is not a reoccurring charge.


Size: 4k Total Size (roughly 3500 worth of land since the ocean is a bit more utilized in my map!)

Prefab count: 36552


  • The Great Pyramid
  • Submarine (sunken and above water version) (CCTV Code: SUB1)
  • Alexandria (Militarized modern-day city) (CCTV Code: ALEXANDR1A)
  • Crane Monument
  • Several Custom caves which do have keycard puzzles within them
  • Several Modified existing monuments for QOL improvements
  • and more

2 reviews for Lone Island

  1. James Moore (verified owner)

    I love this map!!! This map is so detailed, and makes for a great experience playing Rust.

  2. MICHAEL BRETT (verified owner)

    awesome map keep up the good work :]

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  • v5.0.0 Initial Release
  • v5.0.6 Updated map with the new underwater submarine, fixed a floating rock, optimized a few places.
  • v5.0.7 Updated mining outposts to respawn loot, added typology based spawn points so if Rustedit's Extension goes down it will still work, few other minor adjustments
  • v5.0.9a Update due to Facepunch remodeling the roof prefab causing it to be invisible which is fixed, also added prevent build volumes around the bridges on the map
  • v5.1.0 Fixed a couple of roofs that were still invisible, also broke apart the 2 prefabs that weren't broken.
  • v5.1.5
    • Heavy optimizations map wide
    • Replaced Alexandria with new version (better looking, less prefabs)
    • Removed all manually places bushes/trees and now using the native game's topology finally
    • Added 3 of the new Boatyard Monuments
    • More ground texture detail around certain bland areas
  • v5.1.6
    • Fixed a few spawn point topologies for better placement of spawn points
    • Fixed the tesla coil issue in the pyramid after a recent facepunch patch
  • v5.1.8
    • Fixed a handful of topology layers making nodes/trees more balanced on the map
    • Updated map with the New Horse Stable Monuments! (available after force wipe)
    • Updated Alexandria for a big performance boost and loot balancing
  • v5.1.91 (11/11/2020)
    • Added Map Marker for Custom Monuments (Available for Thursdays update

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