Lost Factory


Abandoned Factory in the middle of the forest monument!

Sold By: WheatleyMF


Abandoned factory somewhere in the forest…

Lost Factory is a free medium-size PVP-oriented monument with some loot barrels, crates and a blue keycard puzzle. This may fit well for a forest on your custom map. Required RustEdit extension for Oxide to make the puzzle functional!

Prefab Count: ~2.2k
Prefab Modifiers: Height Mask, Splat Mask, Topology Mask, Alpha Mask
Military Crates: 6
Normal Crates: 7
Medical Crates: 1
Loot Barrels: 8


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1.2.3  August 24th, 2020:

  • Added height mask
  • Added prevent building sphere
  • Fixed a floating prefab in the abandoned building
1.2.2  August 17th, 2020:
  • Fixed small invisible walls in the underground section
  • Slightly improved lighting
1.2.1 – August 8th, 2020:
  • Updated all roof prefabs and slightly improved them (RustEdit >1.23 compatibility fix)
  • Added height modifier if you don't want to manually work on terrain
1.2 – July 31st, 2020:
  • Added a red keycard table in puzzle room. Sorta forgot about it last month... but lets just pretend it was intentional
  • Added some wires because they look cool and makes puzzle less confusing if you can't access the video guide
  • Added an environment trigger to abandoned building
  • Added some fire inside of puzzle bunker and wrecked sedan outside
  • Tons of random minor changes in positions of some prefab
  • Added an invisible wall to balcony on a locked industrial tower
1.1 – June 12th, 2020:
  • Added a blue keycard puzzle. 5 military crates & 3 normal crates. Video puzzle guide:
  • Removed the desk with a blue keycard
  • Reworked almost all crates beyond the puzzle room. 5 out of 6 crates are in the puzzle room now, almost all normal crates in the sewers section/puzzle room.
  • Prefab count decreased from 4k to 2.2k (forest is now generated at the runtime via forest topology)
  • Small visual tweaks for sewers section
  • Fixed some spots where player could get stuck
  • Fixed missing windows in the collapsed brick building (how many I've tried to fix that now? Three times?.. I don't even know anymore...)
  • Added the camera on a crane (LFCRANE)
  • Added some props to a crane to make it visually obvious you can't climb using that broken ladder (thanks for the feedback!
  • Fixed missing wooden structure wall corners after the latest Rust major update
1.0.1 – May 6th, 2020:
  • Fixed missing sewer ladders. Sorry >_<

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