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Nascar Arena Monument

A massive and fun arena monument for every type of player! its a big monument and requires some space but it contains both puzzles and alot of fun with cars

its easy to put down, all modifiers exists for it so you just need to adjust the terrain around it to make it work

$12.99 $9.99

Sold By: Deeplyfri3d


A massive arena monument built for both looting and driving! The monument has both green and red keycard rooms, in the VIP lounges, there’s also a burn button that will turn on teslas underneath each side of the track to intimidate those that could be driving there. The arena may be big and contain a lot of prefab counts but you will NOT feel any loss in performance as it uses optimum prefabs for the job with minimal decoration to offer good performance for players.


Prefab count: 43,470  (remember this is just a number and does not have any actual affect on performance if made properly)


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