Primewa Island


Sold by: Shemov

Welcome to Primewa Island, a survival map that offers unique adventures and a custom environment (4000 size) that you will want to explore to the fullest. Our map is suitable for individuals looking for the best survival experience possible in the game world.

Primewa Island stands out for its beauty and uniqueness. On our map, you’ll find an abandoned Thermal Power Plant, a Town, a Floating Factory, an Oil Refinery, and several settlements to explore. We’ve also built special base construction areas for players to build their own homes on our island.

But wait, there’s more! Our map is varied, and fresh experiences await you at every turn.

Primewa Island is ready to put your survival abilities to the test and challenge you in the tough conditions of our island, which may be explored without restriction! We are confident that Primewa Island is the best way to discover new prospects and adventures.

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