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Create a Game event using cars and a ball 2 to 6 players .

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Please report all gameplay bugs.

Create a Game event using cars and a ball 2 to 6 players .
See video for gameplay.

Grant yourself permission “rustleague.admin”
Build your arena and use zonemanager to put a zone around the arena. the zone will be used to bounce your ball off of if tried to fly out top or sides of arena. So get your zone close just not to close.

in the center of your arena type /rl center
In the red goal of your arena /rl red you can adjust size in config.
In the blue goal of your arena /rl blue you can adjust size in config.
in config set your zoneID of the zone you created around the arena.

Currently this is in beta so i want admins to monitor the event so for now to start event.
/rl open will wait 60 seconds for players 2 to 6 if not then will wait 60 again.
It will take players in 2’s so 2 4 6. you can use the auto event timer in the config if you wish.

Event will auto close after rounds numbers you set in config.
you can close event with /rl close but event will end with no winners.

players join and leave the event before it starts with /rl
You can set cost and prize for event. in config
All messages can be edited in the lang file.

dismount button will shoot rockets and amount can be set in config for per round.
swap seats will push the car useful if car is flipped.


Video by users.

Now comes with arena prefab. Thanks Lone for the help..


“Settings”: {
“PermissionAdmin”: “rustleague.admin”,
“RoundSeconds”: 120.0,
“MaxRounds”: 4,
“WinPoints”: 5,
“ArenaZoneID”: “”,
“autoEvents”: false,
“nextEventSeconds”: 320,
“playersOnlineNeeded”: 2
“Ball Settings”: {
“BallMaxvelocity”: {
“x”: 100.0,
“y”: 108.0,
“z”: 100.0
“Item settings”: {
“winItemEnable”: false,
“winItem”: -932201673,
“winItemAmount”: 100,
“joinItemEnable”: false,
“joinItem”: -932201673,
“joinItemAmount”: 50
“Car information”: {
“totalRockets”: 2,
“carFrame”: “assets/content/vehicles/modularcar/car_chassis_4module.entity.prefab”,
“carSlot0”: 1559779253,
“carSlot1”: 170758448,
“carSlot2”: 1559779253,
“carSlot3”: 1559779253,
“tierFixUp”: 3
“Event Location information”: {
“eventCenter”: {
“x”: 1167.33386,
“y”: 3.69761777,
“z”: 1592.65881
“RedZone”: {
“x”: 1165.883,
“y”: 3.07808065,
“z”: 1489.669
“RedZoneSize”: {
“x”: 20.0,
“y”: 18.0,
“z”: 3.0
“RedZoneRotation”: 357.8081,
“BlueZone”: {
“x”: 1167.10522,
“y”: 4.46679068,
“z”: 1694.1842
“BlueZoneSize”: {
“x”: 20.0,
“y”: 18.0,
“z”: 3.0
“BlueZoneRotation”: 184.378128
“Version”: {
“Major”: 1,
“Minor”: 0,
“Patch”: 27


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  • V 1.0.28 Made ui scoreboard transparent added better way to find baseplayer for ui.
  • V1.0.27 Delete config more options added.
  • V1.0.24 Fixed max points not working. adjusted ball velocity to make ball move more.
  • V1.0.23 Fixed 6 players not working added ui to waiting list.
  • V1.0.21 Typo in lang file delete lang file.
  • V1.0.21 Chat message wining and losing teams and score added.
  • V1.0.19 Sound on score. Delay on rocket shots.
  • V1.0.17 Fix finding ZoneManager zone profile message on load.

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