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So the time has come to once again over haul the Mall, nothing major just a few things cleaned up to reduce lag and make the mall alittle less prefab intensive. Check out the video down below to see a Secret Room in the mall and how to acess it. Thanks for all who have bought this product I can’t wait to see how you react when it’s fully finished.



Puzzles/Keycard Requirement: Green/Blue
info about puzzles and areas of interest

Previous UPDATES

As of May 12 2022 I have changed a few things around in the mall, aswell as added a few more areas, I hope this mall can stand the test of time, and thanks to all who buy it as it keeps me going. This mall has been really one of the only products that has supported me. I thank you for buying and hope to create more in the future for you to enjoy. 


As of May 8th 2020 I have Updated the Mall to use New glass, aswell as added an expansion to the mall as part of the first Update. During which I also optimized the mall and Re did the Io- Doors should now work to get upstairs. If you Have Purchased this Prefab I thank you For the Support from the bottom of my Heart.

As of July 18 2020 I have now updated the mall to include an auto shop, clothing store, secret room, and have adjusted a few things for performance as well as fixed some rotations on prefabs.

As of Feb 2022 I added in an expansion to the mall, re configured some puzzles, and removed some un needed prefab duplicates to help on performance. If you still are having performance issues i suggest deleting the bandit fog fx.



Again I say thanks you for your support, every time someone purchases this Prefab it surprises me more and more. Here I’ve been thinking I’m not to relevant but you all just keep buying it so hopefully the update to the mall makes yawl happy. Take care and be safe!


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