website interface and why you MUST use it! (3d Monument Viewer) The Ultimate Resource for Procedural Map-Related Content is the go-to hub for Rust server owners seeking the best procedural maps and related content. With its latest feature addition, RustMaps is taking server customization to a whole new level!

What is

RustMaps is the premier platform for finding the perfect procedural map for your Rust server. With unique features such as custom map generation, server owners can select specific monuments, modify the map size, and much more! Created by hoppel and MrBlue, RustMaps is a valuable resource for the Rust community. Join their Discord here to show your support!

Map Viewer

One of RustMaps’ standout features is the map viewer, which provides a clear and detailed view of the map and its monuments. The map viewer even includes a heatmap displaying spawn points for players, animals, and more. This tool is incredibly useful for server owners looking to choose the ideal map for their Rust server.

Monument Previews – New

The RustMaps team has recently introduced a fantastic new feature: Monument Previews. This tool allows users to view and learn about all major Rust monuments, including monument layouts, loot placement, and respawn times. This invaluable resource is perfect for both new and experienced players alike.

Benefits of Monument Previews:

  • Live browser access to view any major Rust monument in first-person
  • View monument information, such as loot spawns, NPC spawns, recyclers, and more
  • Completely free to use
  • Future Feature: Ability to view electricity/puzzles of the monuments within the viewer

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