and why you MUST use it! (3d Monument Viewer) and why you MUST use it! (3d Monument Viewer), in short, is a site where server owners go as the central hub for all things procedural map-related. However, now they’re bringing something big to the table!

What is

RustMaps is the main haven for picking out your favorite procedural map for Rust for your awesome server! They even have features others don’t have such as custom map generation where users can select monuments they wish to have, or not to have, modify the map size, and much more as you’ll see below! Masterminds behind this awesome platform are hoppel and MrBlue. Go give them some support and join their Discord here!

Map Viewer

The more favored features in my opinion would be able to see the map very clearly with their map viewer interface that I’ll preview below. From here you can view all info such as monument locations and even select a ‘heatmap’ of where spawn points are for players, animals, and more! This is very helpful when deciding what map you wish to decide for your Rust server.

Monument Previews – New

In addition to all of the other awesome features of the site, the team at RustMaps has recently brought you an outstanding feature that allows anyone to view and gain knowledge of all of the primary monuments to visit within Rust! Information you can get from this can be the monument layout itself, loot placement and properties such as loot types and respawn times, and much more!


What are the benefits of this?

  • Live browser access to view any one of the major Rust monuments in first person
  • Can view all of the monument information such as loot spawns, NPC spawns, recyclers and more
  • Entirely free to use tool
  • Future Feature: Ability to view the electricity/puzzles of the monuments from the viewer

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