• Show off your work! Free or paid being on this platform will get you seen by other server owners who may want to commission you for making them a map!
  • Earn some extra income by selling your unique products!
  • Builds a portfolio within the mapping community (similar to the first benefit)
  • Meet some well-known mapmakers within the community who love to help each other out!
  • I personally handle any and all chargebacks so one less thing you have to worry about.
  • Access to exclusive methods and guides to help you grow!

Requirements to be approved

  • Has made a high-quality prefab/map/plugin that has good detail
  • Being known within the map-making/plugin community is a HUGE plus!
  • MUST have made public plugins that function well (public portfolio)
  • If applying for plugin developer vendor then plugins must be fully functional, not resource-intensive, and safe. All plugins will be tested before approval.

How do I become a vendor?

Simply by filling out the form below including your information as well as links, or screenshots of your portfolio so we can review them.

All vendors do receive a 15% fee on each product sold (5% is to help cover PayPal fees, 10% is to Lone.Design team) since all funds are directed to the business account, and then to your account so it’s fee’d twice is why there are the fees we have. 

All products are carefully looked over for safety/theft reasons by staff members. Plugins are overlooked by either myself or other well-known and trusted members of the staff team.

Additionally for any users that have submitted applications in the past that were rejected, don’t give your hope up! Feel free to reapply at any time when you feel you’ve put in the work!

Vendor Registration

Submit the form below to become a vendor on this store.

Important: This is the name that customers see when purchasing your products. Please choose carefully.