Abandoned Factory


Created by: Gruber#7854

For any support/questions feel free to contact me at the above Discord ID if you have any questions/concerns!

Abandoned factory. I took the idea for creation from the game “Escape from Tarkov”.
Suitable for searching for resources, skirmishes, and so on.
Each author can change it to suit their taste. It is forbidden to resell this object.

terrain, alpha, textures, biomes, structures.

Post-apocalyptic abanded factory, this monument is a very nice Rust ‘feeling’ monument, great to add to any map for an extra place to go! This monument is just the structures you see in the images and do not include loot spawns or any puzzles. If you’d like to add loot you can depend on your servers loot configuration!

This product is not a part of Lone’s creations and is not included with the Sponsor Rank. Only Lone’s creations are included with the sponsor rank.